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What is Acne?

  • Acne is a chronic inflammatory disorder or disruption of the sebaceous/oil glands usually caused by multiple factors.  “WHY” does this matter and is it important to know? 
    it does matter because not everyone suffers alike. 
    If you know where to start for the root cause or suspect a trigger it is much easier to gain perspective and control over the acne.

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Who can I trust? There are a few ways to weed out the BS

  • Look up yelp reviews and testimonies that are heart felt!
  • If their skin is too perfect…could be a filter or a red flag
  • A licensed Esthetician who specializes in acne treatments & educates avoid the ones who goes thru the motions.
  • There are not quick fixes and if those claims are made, move on.
  • Sure, you can go online and fill out a basic form and instantly like magic there is a list of products you should be using. How can you trust that?  If you have simple, mild acne, non-sensitive, non-reactive skin, that might be an option. 

How do I get Help?

  • Do your homework and Do Not Settle for another Shiny Object (catch my drift?). Every Spa, Day Spa and even a Nail Salon can do a facial.  Unfortunately, most advertise or will perform an Acne Facial without any form of a consultation, guidance, or after care.  It is a standard facial like any other you might get, but maybe it has an ingredient that targets acne.  Great! Not so Great…why?  ” Reality Check” – Acne isn’t One and Done, its consistent and persistent it won’t go away with 1 treatment, unless maybe you have 1 or 2 pimples.
  • Acne is complicated and who you trust to help you manage it is half the battle. When it takes months to control the last thing you need is to be wasting more time? 
  • Dermatologist can be helpful for sever, out of control, or other acne imposters for a quick fix. Spoiler Alert!  There is no Cure for Acne.  Medication is temporary and won’t fix the underlying issues if there is one.  There can be magic in the dual relationship with an Esthetician and a Dermatologist. 
  • Dermatologists treat diseases – Estheticians do skin care.

I am overwhelmed with data, make it stop!  Sorting it all out.  That is my job as an Acne Expert to see and understand what the client cannot.  Guiding clients thru the process with a clearer path than a computer-generated algorithm that might miss some important facts.

Congratulations! You have found the Holy Grail… Beautify Your Skin!  Are you paying attention?  We strive to be the Holly Grail but settle for tasting the wine from the Holy Grail!

Do you feel uncertain about trying another regimen or product? They all say the same thing but nothing works?…If you want to get clear and stay clear, keep reading.

If it seems impossible for you to get clear skin and find something that works for your skin type, and acne condition, there are 2 things you need to know…

1) You are not alone.  
2) Becoming our client/customer you have found a way to get out of the overwhelming boat you are in ~ in a shorter period of time.  

Once you start to “GET” what’s going on, it will make sense and become easier to deal with.

How many times have you tried and failed with another product promising to clear your skin?

How many times or different Dermatologist have you gone to, only to be given another sample to try, prescription, medication, and the famous last words “let me know how that works out for you, get back to me in 30, 60, or even 90 days!

HUH?  Is this for real?  Yes it is!

Dermatologists don’t do skin care regimens; they do skin diseases.  While acne is a skin disease, Dermatologists go to Medical School to learn how to treat diseases with MEDICATION.  The majority of Derm’s do not know about skin care products or regimens, nor do they care quite frankly. 

Wait What? you ask..

Yep! Most Dermatologists treat acne with medication NOT skin care products or regimens!   While medication can and does work, it is a temporary fix to chronic acne issues. Once the medication runs out the acne can and does usually come back.

What is Acne?  “Simplified”
Acne is a chronic inflammatory disorder of the sebaceous glands, caused by multiple factors.

When the pores become clogged with sebum (oil), dead skin cells, and bacteria it can cause an inflammatory response that leads to the eruption.

The factors these types of clogs usually stem from our hormonal changes and genetics.  If your mother or father had acne there is a high chance you may inherit the condition.  PS – there are other reasons, but this is the main reason.

There are other factors and reasons for Acne, It’s COMPLICATED..LET US HELP YOU.

Learning more...Hormonal levels often change due to stress, monthly cycle and sometimes medications. When there is a fluctuation in hormonal levels the body can produce an abundance of oil in the skin.  When the skin is not used to having an abundance of oil the acne begins to form and break outs happen.

The combination of the oil and dead skin cells shedding is thrown off it’s normal shedding cycle including cells that become sticky and get stuck like glue inside the pore.  In addition to this process, what begins to happen is this environment of dead skin cells and oil, P. Acne bacteria begins to breed inflammation and the result is the sometimes red and painful bump that begins to form and off the races we go.

The Most Important Fact to Know About Acne!

Acne is a disease and to date there is NO CURE!!

However it can be MANAGED AND  CONTROLLED!

There is HOPE!

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Acne can happen to anyone at any time!

There are different kinds and grades of acne.  I have personally experienced and battled my own for over 35 years.  I have had mild and very severe acne.  In my desperation to clear my skin, I have tried hundreds of products.  I have spent the last 30+ years researching and experiencing many remedies that do and don’t work.  However, I have found a few that do, and would like to share them with you.  There is a lot of hype about miracle products that cure acne.

Spoiler Alert – there is NO CURE!  Acne is a condition that must be accessed and controlled depending on your personal situation.  I believe, no I know from my years of experience there is not only one way to clear acne, but many ways to attack the problem.  My personal experience and education that I share helps you understand what is taking place, and how to address your specific issues.  I help take the guess work out of it, finding what is right for you.

If you are suffering, don’t wait another day, Book an Appointment, and let’s battle it together.

If you are like most of us, you keep having faith and hope that this time it is going to work.  And you keep trusting and trying without the results you want.

Exhausted with the Dead-End Results?

Now, it has been months or even years and you are still searching for the right regimen ~ you have exhausted your online search.

You even tried some of the silliest methods or concoctions you found to rid your acne.

Only to leave you with either more acne or some kind of weird reaction that made it all way worse.

You are at the bottom of the barrel and depressed because nothing is working.

You wonder why? how? WHAT am I doing wrong?

You even consider trying it again, because maybe you missed something.  LOL!

You didn’t!

Trust me you didn’t!

In this moment, you realized that all the things you have tried have failed.

How can this time be any different?

It sounds very similar to the others but there is a difference, I guarantee,

Beautify Your Skin is a whole lot different.

We care and truly passionate about helping you clear your acne.

Amazingly, our clients start to clear, sometimes slow, sometimes fast, and that can sometimes be determined by you.

A client who had given up on everything read my reviews and believed in them.  It helped snap them out of their negative and hopeless state of mind.  It gave them one last ounce of hope and inspired them to give it another shot. Suddenly you are feeling “hopeful” in a different way, having some confidence, and energy that drives you to commit to the right regimen.

You have done it!

It all starts here!

Here is the point… Why does it take so many trial and errors to find what works?  Why do you carry around the kind of negative beliefs that keep you from the very thing you want… a pimple blemish free face? Smoother skin? Less spots?

And why do so many people like you end up never finding and doing the things that really work?

I will tell you why… It’s because there is NO ONE SIZE FITS ALL! I will let you in on a little secret here…

If you are not having the success you want right now… and you’re looking for the right regimen or you want to figure out how to use the right regimen. There are 3 simple steps to get what you want:

1) Be COMMITTED/FOCUS for creating what you want (empower yourself) and Stay Positive!

2) Take ACTION & DON’T GIVE UP ~ listening to what your skin is telling you and making slight changes to tweak your regimen.

3) Learn WHAT REALLY WORKS when it comes to your type of skin, your type of acne, what you or your skin can tolerate, and getting things started… and START USING THE RIGHT STUFF AND USING IT CORRECTLY!

Unfortunately, we cannot help you with the first step. This step is all your own. But what we can help you with is the taking action, and the “what to do and how to do it.”

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The types of lesions are as follows:

Microcomedone or Whiteheads

The pore with trapped dead cells and oil can form a plug in the pore called a "microcomedone." This process forms all of the following lesions. 
Some people do not get inflamed pimples and they are called whiteheads or "closed comedone." This type of acne is under the skin and has no opening. 


The other non-inflammatory acne is called a blackhead or "open comedone." The tip of the pore is open and changes to a dark color by oxygen getting in. Usually, they do not hurt and just sit there until the body recognizes the foreign matter and sends white blood cells to attack it, to get rid of it.

Pimple / Papule / Pustules

This is where you begin to see redness, swelling, puss and a painful bump appears. Sometimes the buildup of dead skin cells/oil begins to put pressure and the pore can rupture. The contents of the pore the leak into the surrounding areas of the skin causing for the spread of the P. Acne Bacteria, ending up with spreading the acne further. This is known as THE all mighty "PIMPLE!" also called the inflammatory papule. These pimples can turn into infected lesions which are now called Pustules. 

Nodule / Cyst

The last type of acne lesion is called the Nodule/Cyst. These are usually larger, deeper and are very painful. They sometimes will remain under the skin for weeks at a time, even before they become pus-filled lesion, and sometimes they don't. Scarring is common with this type of acne, but scarring can occur with all types. Especially when you are picking at them...