About Us

At Beautify Your Skin you receive more than just a treatment Together, we build a plan of attack to target your skin issues. It is our goal to help each client achieve the results they want. We pride ourselves on “honesty without the fluff!” We are truly passionate about skincare, and want to share our expertise with you.

MeMe Glick, Owner, Clinical

MeMe is a highly sought after esthetician for her expert advice and no-nonsense approach to skin care. MeMe began Beautify Your Skin Inc. with exactly that in mind, “beautify your skin.” MeMe is passionate about educating her clients to achieve the results they desire.

Her personal struggle with a painful condition of cystic acne, and her obsession in trying to find a remedy that actually worked, motivated her to become an Esthetician.

Approaching my late 50's I can relate to the aging process and the physical changes we endure as we get older.  I love to share my trials and tribulations with my clients.  Finding the remedies that not only work for acne but how to age gracefully.