Skin conditions - Dehydration / Dryness

There are a few factors that can lead to dryness or dehydration in the skin. The biggest culprit to dry skin is an improper skin care regimen. The natural pH balance of the skin has an acidic level of about 5.5 many soaps and OTC (over the counter) cleansers raise that balance to somewhere around 10, leaving the skin tight and dry. We think we need that squeaky clean feeling, but in reality it is throwing the balance off. It can lead to premature again in the future. One of the skin's most important functions is to retain water, which is best done if products closely mimic the skin's composition. It's not enough to moisturize but to have a regimen that works with your skin type and issues. As we age our oil production slows down and we need more protection and hydration than we did before. Lack of sunscreen use contributes to the break down and dehydration in the skin. Sun exposure generates free radical damage destroying enzymes and proteins necessary for maintaining balance. The hastened breakdown of collagen and elastin leads to thinner skin and wrinkles. Be sure to cleanse properly, use anti-aging serum (stops free radical breakdown), moisturize and sunscreen.

In some cases a need for light exfoliation by using a scrub, AHA/BHA products, or an enzyme mask can help to open up the skin to absorb products more effectively.

The most common mistakes we make that dehydrates our skin.

Using a harsh cleanser and scrubbing too much or too hard, and not moisturizing.

Skin is a living organ. It will derive benefits from pure nutrients. Rhonda Allison's day and night preparations are more than feel good cream. They contain much-needed ingredients to support externally what the body is working to restore internally. Antioxidants, Epidermal Growth Factor Protein and Omega 6 Essential Fatty Acids are some of the active ingredients used to provide skin with the essentials.

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It is important that the skin is freshly cleansed before applying the appropriate protective topical. Sun protection and make-up may be used after the moisturizer during the day.

Dry skin usually has a difficult time holding on to moisture. There are many other factors that can contribute to dry skin, but the first defense against dry skin is proper cleansing, nourishing, and sun protection. Typically people with dry skin have smaller pores and that sometimes leads to less penetration of products.

However, preparing the skin to accept moisture benefits from products is an important factor regardless of pores size. Using products like soap, harsh cleansers, products that contain alcohol and irritating ingredients could be disrupting and weakening the skins ability to stay hydrated. A skin care regimen specifically designed for your skin type and conditions with improve any skin.