The #1 Acne Myth “Chocolate” - the road to understanding

The #1 Acne Myth “Chocolate” - the road to understanding

The most famous of all acne myths is if you eat chocolate, it will make you break out.

If you don't suffer with an acne condition, most likely the chocolate will have little effect on your skin when it comes to acne.

However, my theory and what I have seen. When your thoughts lead to stress and fear of eating chocolate it can trigger stress hormones that ultimately can cause hormonal shifts that can lead to a breakout.

-Understanding that chocolate can aggravate skin conditions like acne but it is not the root of the problem

There are other things in chocolate that can aggravate the acne? Those things are sugar, salt & dairy.

Understanding why chocolate could make you break out.

Chocolate doesn't make you break out, it's what happens to your body after you eat chocolate that could be the culprit.  *It’s never scientifically been proven

It’s possible after eating chocolate, that it can trigger an inflammatory response, directly affecting your body’s functions leading to a breakout. If you are already plagued with the acne gene, what you eat can have a significant impact on the health of your skin. When you have elevated intake of sugar for your body to process, it may set in motion to trigger an inflammatory response which ultimately could result in a breakout. So, while chocolate doesn't create acne, if you already suffer with an acne condition it could intensify and trigger it to become more inflamed.

It's important to determine what you put in your body and pay attention to any kind of food sensitivities that you may have. Food sensitivities that could trigger more breakouts, not the chocolate itself, but elements of the chocolate. Eating the right foods can bring down inflammation, protect your skin from damage and ward off slash slow down the aging process.

The takeaway is things that you eat in moderation may NOT cause a problem unless you have sensitivities to those food ingredients. It is difficult to pinpoint unless you've been paying attention to those sensitivities. In my years of practice I like to drop the seeds for people to pay attention to how something affects your digestive system. Every one’s body is different therefore, to decipher whether there is an inflammatory response when you eat something it’s up to you to pay attention and decide whether it could actually trigger an acne breakout because of the inflammation?

*Sometimes there can be some dormant clogged pores that sometimes we can't see and when we eat something that causes our body to become reactive or inflamed it triggers the body's natural defense mechanism to search and seek out irregularities and remove them from the body.

The takeaway, make sure that you're eating foods that have low lower glycemic levels, foods that have lots of antioxidant’s foods that are low in salt and dairy.

by MeMe Glick