I can personally relate!  When the dramatic changes happen in our late 30’s and early 40’s,  I tell my clients that my personal experience from 39 to 40 was a lot harder than 49 to 50.  Why?  The end of our 30’s is the cornerstone to the beginning of big changes to come.  By the time you are in your late 40’s and early 50’s you have had a decade of acceptance and discovery, it sucks but its not so bad.  You begin to make peace with the inevitable.  When the first signs of aging appear If feels like you wake up one day and BOOM there it is!  The elasticity is declining, eye lids drooping or puffy, but only in the morning, the lines are peeking through and visible, then you notice your neck and wait what?!  Then the spots WTH are those spots, I mean I had freckles but now they have friends!  The feeling hits us with the force of a hurricane, we say to ourselves, I have a husband, I have kids, my job hectic, we tell ourselves we are not ready for this.  To accept that we are getting older and must change our ways is another chore on our already full plate.  We resist it like a child who hates eating broccoli, who wants that!  The reality is we are getting older, but we are NOT READY YET!  You can try and ignore it, but the mirror will get you sooner or later.  The racing thoughts what can I do now to stop this? Guilt setting in, why didn’t I use sunscreen every day?  Dam it I knew it was coming, but today?, I promise I am going to be better at my skin care tomorrow.

First, WELCOME to aging, it happens to the best of us, I got you, it is normal, the better your skin care, the better you will age.  Be proud that you have reached this milestone and set out a plan to evolve with whatever life throws you.  You cannot simply inject non aging into the skin… Ok so maybe Botox can…ok and fillers too, but that can get expensive.  If you choose that route, that is fine too, but I recommend holding out until you have GREAT SKIN!  The result will be 10X better in the long run if you decide to combine Botox/Injectable with your daily skin care. The goal is to age naturally, keep at it, like the warrior you are.  Fight off that free radical damage, smooth out those lines, battle those blemishes with confidence, but be kind to your skin you only get one.  What you do today will matter in the long run and have great improvements as you age.  I always say skin care is like exercising, you do not work out for a month and hope the changes last forever.  Skin care is like exercising you continue to shift and change while your skin shifts and changes.  My expertise is in seeing the whole picture, educating, and guiding my clients to the ultimate change and lifelong skin vitality.  Put in the work and you will have no regrets.  Once you become a regular client, I am always in your back pocket for advice and guidance.