Acne Myth #1 Acne is Something that Only Happens to Teenagers  Teens do suffer from acne, but some people develop acne for the first time in their 20s or 30s. 

Acne Myth #2 Adults Do Not get Acne
Not true. Surveys have found that significant numbers of adults are still getting acne into their 30s, 40s, and even 50s. Acne may look different when you're 35 than it did when you were 16 but is still the same.

Acne Myth #3 Acne is Caused by Poor Hygiene and/or Acne is Caused by Dirt
Fact: Dirt and surface oil on the skin has nothing to do with the formation of acne. The dirt on the surface of the skin or oily skin surface is not the problem. Causes of acne are a combination of dead skin cells, oil, and bacteria found in the pores. Blackheads are not dirt in the skin, but the color of dead cells that have been discolored by oxygen. Even if a person washes their face several times a day, it will not stop acne from forming.  Over washing your skin can cause more problems with your acne.

Acne Myth #4 Washing Your Face Often Prevents Breakouts
Fact: Washing your face several times a day will not do anything to keep you from breaking out. In most cases, it can irritate, strip the surface, and dehydrate your skin which can lead to more inflammation and lesions. Using the correct cleansing products for your skin type can help acne.

Acne Myth #5 You have Acne Because you are Not Washing Enough
Unless you are a complete slob, and you wait days to cleanse your skin, which is probably not true.  Studies have shown that washing your face twice a day is more effective than just once, but more than that is not necessary.  Washing your face regularly is the right thing to help the expenditure of dead skin cells, excess oil, and dirt from the skin surface. However, too often or rubbing the skin too aggressively, can trigger and aggravate acne conditions.

Acne Myth #6 You can "Clean Up" a Pimple by Scrubbing at it
Myth: Squeezing acne can eliminate acne pimples from your face. That is actually one of the worst things you can do. "People will spend hours trying to get goop out of skin to heal the acne. Picking your skin is the number one way of getting a scar. Picking also can lead to the spreading of bacteria which can cause even more break outs. "Don't pick!"

Acne Myth #7 Acne is Caused by Candy, Chocolate, Drinking Soda and Eating French Fries?
Fact: Foods that are high in iodides (Salt) found on most french fries not the grease they are cooked in, that can make acne worse.  High amounts of sugar found in candy can aggravate acne it does not cause acne. Studies have shown foods high in iodides and sugar can aggravate the acne, but it certainly is not the "root cause". Acne is an inherited disorder of the pores, you either are prone to it or not.

Acne Myth #8 Myth: Acne is just a Cosmetic Disease
Fact: Any disease that can leave permanent disfiguring scarring on the face is more than just a "cosmetic" disease. It affects the self-esteem of the acne sufferer deeply, some to the extent that they will not leave the house or even go to school.  Acne can have lasting consequences in how you feel about yourself, and left untreated, or improperly managed, it can leave permanent scars emotionally and physically. In addition, some people can get staph infections with their acne, which can be dangerous if not treated. Acne is a disease that needs to be taken seriously!

Acne Myth #9 Stress Causes Acne
Fact: That's right, stress can lead you to hormonal fluctuations that can cause acne. However, it is only the excess stress that can stimulate discharge certain hormones, which can cause acne. Daily stress that is not excessive will not stimulate acne.

Acne Myth #10 Just Let Acne Run its Course
Fact: It is not worth the risk of potential permanent scarring that acne can cause. Do not wait! When acne can be managed with the right products, why take the chance. Studies have shown that people with acne get lower-paying jobs and get passed over for promotions. We live in a culture that rewards healthy, attractive people. While that may not be "right", it is the reality. If you can do something about an unattractive condition, then it is a really good idea to take action. Let an acne expert help you get your acne under control!