5 Quick Steps to Accelerate your Acne Journey

Navigating the vast information online can become overwhelming and daunting. Read below and begin the journey.

Living in your shoes gives me a real perspective on how physically and emotionally painful acne is and can be.

I am a Licensed Skincare and Acne Expert

Where do you begin? Right here, right now!

How can I trust the information online? 
Know who is giving you the information?
For example:  Online influencer?  Online advertisement? Amazon?  Reviews?  Nothing wrong with these however, all of these are great marketing platforms but are they right for you?  If you have been down this road before without clear results?  It’s time to move on…

What sets me apart?
Me? #1. I have the advantage first and foremost by Being a “licensed” Esthetician working in a treatment room day in and day out for over 14 years. Including, dealing with my own acne trials and tribulations for over 35 years, I think I’ve earned my reputation and reviews.

Clearing Your Acne – The Rabbit Hole
It’s sometimes a rollercoaster of ups and downs and painfully frustrating endeavor.  Navigating “Your” Skin and the “Right Combination” of Skin Care Products for Acne is no easy task.  Going it alone can very quickly seem overwhelmingly daunting to reaching clear skin.  Hint: It can be done with the right combination of understanding and skin care products with a professional who can guide you.

5 Quick Steps

  1. Stop falling for what the bottle says? If the bottle says it is for acne, it does not mean it’s right for your acne. 
  2. Relax… you are in good hands. Beautify Your Skin and becoming a client can instantly relieve your worry and stress - The ultimate results come when you relax and calm down… raging hormones are increased following your frustrations = Acne Flare Ups…  Remember, I got you! 
  3. Start drinking a lot of water! Get an app if you have too.
  4. Do not scrub, rub, or vibrate your skin with any brush, bar, cloth, or tool… nope not a single thing, nothing until you understand the ramifications that can have on inflamed acne and/or on your skin’s barrier.
  5. Decide to commit to the process, Why? Because there are “NO, NONE, AINT NONE, NOPE, THERE ARE NO DARN quick fixes” and if there were, I guarantee I would know about it! Clearing acne takes time and understanding.  Author MeMe Glick


Beautify Your Skin Founder