• Stress from Hormones
  • The Product Reviews are great! Doesn’t that mean it’s good?
  • Impulse Buying! I need it now!  Just ship it to me!  It sounds great!
  • Frequently Wearing a Mask.

Being in the state of fear from the Pandemic not only increases hormonal fluctuations but having to wear a mask is raining HAVOC on the skin.  Thus, causing the term known now as MASKNE.  You cannot tell someone to be calm, so that their body does not freak out, it is just not that simple.  The up’s and downs of this pandemic are unknown and let us not forget the protests and riots happening.  This adding to the stress levels already is now adding another level of frustration and fear. These additions and stressors are at a level that are not good for the skin.  If your sitting at home because you are an Esthetician in California that cannot work.  As for me personally I suffer with Social Anxiety and OMG all the things that are going thought my head are causing some fluctuations in my Hormones.  I have the knowledge and the tools to counter the negative effects, but I really want to be able to share what I do that helps me with you…The Acne GURU or some have called me the ACNE Whisperer.  I am not a cookie cutter Acne Specialist.  I personally have dealt with and suffered like you; it is not simple! It is complicated and what I love to teach my clients is how to listen to what their skin is telling them, and what to do about it.  I am reachable for questions or concerns without charge if they continue as my loyal clients.  It is best to think about it before you venture out on Instagram or Facebook to find the answers!  Wouldn’t be easier to text your Esty who is crazy full of experience and knowledge.  Let us not forget how much I love and care about your success!  Do not do the AMAZON thing!  People please, my famous saying is... “if you buy it on Amazon, do not call me!  CALL AMAZON!  

When things do not go as planned and things are upside down!  Would you rather talk to an Esthetician who can guide and help you or a store owner that is in it for the sale?  Loyalty to your Esthetician breeds success and can save you a ton of money.  Cheap products usually mean they yield cheap results.

A licensed Esthetician that has credibility and a following will get you to your goals faster, safer and save you $$…IG Influencer’s don’t know a lot about product authenticity or user error…or why you would use this and not that …Your skin and issues are unique to you and a skilled Esthetician can navigate that for you with a much better ending.  END OF STORY!  Learn more about MeMe at www.beautifyyourskin.com