Sulfer Clay Mask

Sulfer Clay Mask

Sulfer Clay Mask

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Sulfer Clay Mask by Vivant Skin Care is a treatment that can be used to reduce inflammation and acne scarring. This mask is great for spot treating those PMS pimples that pop up out of nowhere. Wait 48 hours.

Warning: Over use of this product can cause hyperpigmentation from the dryness. Patch test for sensitives before applying all over face. Apply on back of the neck or inner arm and look for possible issues.  

Directions for Use: Can use 1X a week and increase usage up to 2-3X a week. Cleanse the skin and apply a layer all over, avoiding the eye area, leave on for 15 min and rinse with cool water and pat dry.  *If dryness occurs, reduce frequency. You can also mix with a few drops of water and/or other masks without clay's for easier application; Such as Grape Seed or Milk Mask.  OK to use on the Body.

Extra Info:  This mask can dry tight and can be hard to remove. Wetting the skin completely before removing will help to soften the mask before removing. When dealing with active acne lesions less stimulation is better. OK to splash with cool water after removal. 

Key Ingredients:

 Sulfur 10%: A natural mineral that fights bacteria and aids in shedding dead skin. Used for centuries to treat skin conditions including acne, psoriasis, eczema, and rosacea

Zinc Sulfate: Reduces inflammation and scarring, speeds wound healing Salicylic Acid: One of several Beta Hydroxy Acids, it is the key for the treatment of acne, psoriasis and a host of other skin ailments.

Bentonite: A healing and cleansing clay rich in natural, beneficial minerals. Detoxifies, clarifies and aids in cell regeneration. Used for centuries for its thickening properties and therapeutic effects.

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