Custom Facial Kit - Acne Scar and Repair Kit

Custom Facial Kit - Acne Scar and Repair Kit

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Acne Scar and Repair Kit

Try some new products or add these to your current Regimen.

This Trio combination will help reduce the evidence of your acne lesions and continue to support clearing and lightening.

Benefits are reduction of cellular build up & congestion, Brightening and Lightening with the reduction of clogged pores, including softens the texture of the skin.

The Skin Brightening Enzyme -  this powerful combination of Kojic Acid, Azelaic Acid and Salicylic Acid has the potential to digest unwanted cell build up while brightening & Lightening, including the suppression of Hyperpigmentation.  $15

Rhonda Allisson Synergy A is custom formulated to be a vital nutrient to acnetic skin, providing antibacterial support while reducing hyperkeratosis and increased cell turnover.  Its gentle enough to use around the eyes but powerful enough to provide anti-inflammatory and repairing the cells.  10ml $45

The Growth Factor Gel is great to soothe inflamed skin.  Ok for any skin type especially sensitive and dry skin types.  It supports healthy wound healing and deceases the risk of scaring. 10 ml $20

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Directions for Use:

Cleanse your Skin with your favorite cleanser Pat dry, Next: Apply a thin layer of the Skin Brightening Enzyme mask, avoid the eye area, Ok to apply hot compress or steam to increase softening of the skin, leave on 8-10minand rinse.  Apply 1-3 pumps of Synergy A, allow to absorb, and top off with Growth Factor Gel. *(Can also apply a moisturizer over the top if needed.)

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