Acne Rescue Set & Teen Beginner Set

Acne Rescue Set & Teen Beginner Set

$ 40.75 $ 45.25

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Great place to start for young teenagers.  It's simple and gets them used to a regimen.

Secondary usage:  The pads are multiple purpose.  Need an extra boost of exfoliation...slip this into your current regimen a few nights a week to help clear those stubborn PMS, stress break outs, and ingrown hairs...

Athletes best friend - When you cant cleanse right away using these will help wipe away the excess bacteria and sweat.

The smaller sizes allow for you to try before you invest in the larger sizes.

This custom kit includes:

Beta Green Tea Cleanser - this size lasts about 2 weeks  $13.25
Cleansing pads - 30 Count: added treatment for stubborn breakouts, a fast way to cleanse or use as an alternative toner for stubborn break outs.  Its antibacterial, antiseptic, and antioxidant properties is the combination for success.  $17
Aloe Matte Moisturizer - A nice light Acne Safe moisturizer for normal to oily skin types. $15

NOTE:  Bottles may be different colors but are the same product ingredients.

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