Rhonda Allison - Lightening Serums

Hyperpigmentation is the result of melanin overproduction, either UV-induced, due to sun exposure and tanning beds; hormonally induced, due to melasma; or through post-inflammatory skin's trauma.

Hyperpigmentation also can be a side effect of Medications. Rhonda Allison has formulated some amazing products to work with all skin types.  For more information about discoloration issues click here.

Beta Green Tea Cleanser AKA Green Tea Beta Cleanse
From $ 13.25 - $ 34.00
Brightening Cream Enhanced Moisturizer
From $ 22.00 - $ 55.00
C Stem Cell Serum
$ 79.00
Mandelic Arginine Serum AKA Mandelic Clear Complex
$ 80.00
Skin Brightening Enzyme AKA Clear Bright Zyme
$ 15.00
Vita-C Infused SPF 30
$ 45.00

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