Clear Body Therapy

Clear Body Therapy Vivant Skincare Beautify Your Skin

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Clear Body Therapy by Vivant Skin Care

2017 Dermascope Magazine Aestheticians’ Choice Award Winner

Vitamin A and Lactic Acid give this unique exfoliating body treatment its dramatic re-texturizing effect. Helps clear impactions, refine pores, reduce oil and prevent future breakouts on hard-to-control skin including back and chest areas. Lifts, smoothes and softens rough, cracked and calloused skin on heels, elbows and knees.

Skin Type: Oily or Resistant skin.

Ideal for: Clearing back and chest acne or healing cracked and calloused skin, dark spots on hands and body, hyperkeratosis, Keratosis Pilaris (red bumps on back of arms and legs), and newly-formed stretch marks.

Great for the body issues.

Combines Lactic Acid and Vitamin A Propionate to create a body treatment that removes excess hard, dry skin cells thereby helping with proliferative skin conditions. Clear Body Therapy also increases cellular turnover while hydrating the skin for a fresh and smooth complexion.

Skin Conditions: Keratosis Pilaris (red bumps on back of arms), Stretch Marks, Dark Brown Spots on Hands and Body, Hyperkeratosis, Psoriasis

Recommended Use:
Start usage every two days and progress to more frequent usage as needed. Apply to affected area. 
Not for use on face except under the care of a doctor. Do not use on rosacea or melasma. Call Esthetician for recommendations if needed. 

What to Expect:
A reduction in acne lesions and scarring, smoother, softer, healthier skin. This emollient, non-greasy, extra potent Vitamin A formula helps clear and control breakouts on problem areas including back and chest. If excessive irritation develops, temporarily discontinue use and resume use every third day.

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